Road Consulting Oy

Road Consulting Oy was founded in 2004, proving surveying, planning and expert services especially to owners, constructors, upkeepers and planners of passage networks.

Our work is based on a certified quality system according to the ISO standard 9001:2008. The foundation of our service offer is based on the Bestway ™ product and service concepts.

Our service offering has been developed especially for surveys and studies in road areas and for sampling, inventorying and monitoring of structures and soil.

Our area of expertise covers various expert services such as preparing and creating procurement and quotation documents, different monitoring and warranty inspection services as well as assisting in official tasks and tenders.

We are customer-oriented and develop economical and sustainable solutions together with our clients to meet their needs.

We utilize the latest technology and our high-grade expertise as well as our countrywide collaboration network, thus being able to offer exactly the right service packages at the right time to meet the clients’ needs.

Our main office is located in Rovaniemi, but our area of operations covers the whole Finland and we also have offices in Western and Eastern Finland.

We continuously develop our own activities and those in our collaboration network, and therefore learning by keeping active is a central part of our success.

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