Our Bestway™ services form the foundation of the service packages.

The service packages consist of versatile investigation, survey, analysis and planning services. The Bestway™ service package is a good choice for the client, as Bestway™ is a guarantee of comprehensive surveys, studies of initial information, quality expert analysis of the initial information and an improvement plan for a road, street or passage based on this information.

All of the Bestway™ services of Roadway Consulting Oy are provided by the company’s own experts and with the company’s own equipment.

For instance:

  • PPL (falling weight deflectometer, KUAB fwd 50)
  • GPR (ground-penetrating radar SIR 20)
  • PTM (survey of ridges and smoothness, PTM-2000)
  • Sounding and sampling (GM 75 GTT medium-heavy soil rotary drill)
  • Retroreflection surveys (Ecodyn)
  • Geographic information measurements and surveys
  • Off-road visits, drainage analyses
  • Results analysis

Creating plans for structural improvement, including: Work site lists, cost estimates, structural layer dimensioning