Random sample control for maintenance

The tasks of a quality control consultant in maintenance contract work

Road Consulting Oy has comprehensive experience from quality control of summer and winter maintenance of area contract work. We have acted as a quality control consultant in Lapland’s road district’s quality control for winter maintenance in 2006, and in point-based quality control for Häme road district in 2007-2008.

At the moment we control 15 maintenance contracts in the HTUV inter-municipal cooperation area, 18 maintenance contracts in the KSK inter-municipal cooperation area and 20 maintenance contracts in the OL inter-municipal cooperation area.

Random sampling control is mainly done when the weather changes outside of office hours.

Issues checked in random sampling control:

  • measuring of friction
  • measuring of smoothness and the thickness of the ridge
  • measuring of the snow cover
  • tidiness and condition of rest stops
  • condition of traffic signs
  • surface condition of gravel roads
  • side slope of gravel roads
  • carrying out of regular jobs at specific times
  • official tasks as additional work

Our references include e.g.

  • The Finnish Transport Agency
  • ELY centres