Inventorying of general road data

Inventories of general road data refers to the inventorying of the following types of data:

  • basic inventorying
  • inventory projects
  • inventories related to maintenance jobs
  • inventories of road markings
  • inventories of visibility
  • inventories of ruggedness
  • separate data recording tasks
  • inventorying of the condition data of gravel roads
  • damage inventorying of footpaths
  • photographing service of the road network

The basic inventorying includes collection and registering of data according to the inventory instructions of Tierekisteri pertaining to announcements received by the ELY centres of new and improved road sections.

Inventorying projects include comprehensive inventories for one or more types of data for the region or network, determined on a case-by-case basis. The service can also include registering of the inventoried information in Tierekisteri.

Inventories related to maintenance jobs cover the inventorying of devices in the road area or structure (e.g. traffic signs, drums, railings) and delivering the information to a database defined by the client.

Inventorying of road markings covers the inventorying of road markings, checking their quality and delivering the inventory information to a database defined by the client.

Inventorying of visibility involves defining the visibility percentage of a road section.
The goal of the inventorying of ruggedness is to gain information about the relative height position of the break points of the road’s gradeline relative to the beginning point of the road section.

The inventorying of the condition data of gravel roads refers to inventorying of frost damage to the foundation, the level of service and the structural condition of gravel roads, as well as delivering the inventory information to the client in accordance with the assignment.

Damage inventorying of footpaths includes the inventorying of the pavement of footpaths for cyclists and pedestrians. Pavement damage is inventoried for the whole width of the road and the data is recorded in a road condition register.

The photographing service of the road network means taking photos of finished road sections and updating road photos according to the maintenance cycle in accordance with the requirements of the digital photographing of the road network.

The inventories are done on the road by examining the targets with the naked eye. The target data is linked to the address information system of Liikennevirasto (The Finnish Transport Agency). The data inventorying can also include photographing of the targets.

The different phases of the inventorying are:

  • the equipment and required software/information are prepared for inventorying
  • a survey plan is created
  • the inventory is conducted according to the survey plan
  • the lengths of the inventory data are calculated
  • overlaps and other such important issues are checked
  • the inventory data is delivered to the client