Environmental and ground investigation services

With modern soil and ground investigation methods and combinations of different investigation methods, it is possible to gain reliable and accurate information for the planning of e.g. house, passage and bridge structures. We provide ground and environmental investigation services with traditional soil rotary drilling and ground radar methods.

Using a combination of different investigation methods, it is possible to determine comprehensively and reliably the carrying capacity of the soil and ground conditions also in more difficult targets. Ground investigations conducted by experts minimize the initial costs. In collaboration with our client, we create the best possible solution for determining the soil ground conditions, providing quality results and saving the client’s time and money.

Our soil ground investigation service covers e.g.

  • A weight sounding test
    • Usually used in soft and stoneless areas.
  • A dynamic probing test
    • Suitable for investigating dense and stoneless soil layers.
  • A static-dynamic penetration test
    • A method used to determine soil layer borders in e.g. bridge site investigations.
    • For ground investigations of soft sites
  • Percussion drilling
    • Generally used for determining rock surfaces
    • Suitable especially for sites with boulders and stones
  • A vane test
    • Used for determining the shear strength of a soft soil layer.
    • A method used for identifying the water penetrability of soil layers.
  • Ground-penetrating radar surveys
    • With ground-penetrating radar, it is also possible to conduct ground soil and special investigations.

Ground-penetrating radar surveys are conducted with special equipment, also in the surrounding terrain to determine the soil conditions.

Usages are e.g.

  • Acquiring initial data on new roads, streets and pipelines
  • Bridge site surveys
  • Surveying of gravel and sand areas
  • Investigating soil conditions and layer thicknesses of soil types
  • Location and depth of soft areas
  • Rock surface definitions

In addition:

  • Collection of environmental samples
    • Environmental investigations are used to determine the presence of harmful substances in the soil and/or groundwater. Based on the investigations, the usability of the area is evaluated and protection and maintenance needs are defined.
  • Installation of groundwater and soil pore gas pipes
  • Installation of inclinometer pipes
  • Sampling road structures
  • Undisturbed/disturbed sample sets

Our skilled staff and modern investigation equipment guarantee success even in the most demanding investigation tasks.