Ground investigations for unbuilt plots

Road Consulting Oy is a company in northern Finland working in the field of infrastructure, offering services also to house builders.

For builders, this means a reliable report on the carrying capacity of the ground soil for needs of different building solutions. We offer to you our competence, resources and experience.

Our work is based on a certified quality system according to the ISO standard 9001:2008.

A detached one-family house is a big investment for a Finnish family, both in terms of its meaning and costs. A house is built to be a home for decades to come. Ground investigations should be conducted at every site where construction is planned. The quality of the soil that the house is built on does matter – the ground determines the type of foundation needed. You can go forward with construction without worries when the ground investigations have been conducted reliably and with expertise.



The necessary investigations for your plot

  • The foundation method statement is one of the documents needed in applying for a building permit
  • Information on the carrying capacity of the ground is needed for the foundation method statement
  • The carrying capacity of the ground is determined by ground investigations, e.g. by sounding
  • Road Consulting Oy carries out soundings and the company creates e.g. a foundation method statement based on the results.