Planning for road structural improvement, the Bestway™ precision planning service is one of our company’s key competences. With planning, procedures can be targeted to the right sites that require improvement, enabling significant savings in improvement costs compared to a traditional implementation. Our experts have participated in the method’s development and we have already created improvement plans for thousands of kilometres of private and common roads around Finland.

The method is suitable for both common and private roads, streets and forest roads.

Planning is preceded by several surveys. Surveys needed on site are always defined on a case-by-case basis. The surveys are:

  • Ground radar survey and target video recording

  • Carrying capacity survey

  • Structural sampling


With these surveys, an analysis is created of the target’s current status where the current structure, condition and carrying capacity are analysed, making it possible to determine how extensive the improvement needs to be.

After the analysis of the current status, the necessary improvement measures are targeted only to parts requiring improvement.

As a result of the planning, a detailed quantity list with location information and a cost estimate are provided in addition to a verbal report. With the quantity list, the constructor can put the improvement job out to tender, and with the cost estimate it is possible to program or prioritise the improvement targets.

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